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   The Integrated edition of the text Treatise on the Hexagram is an enlarged and updated version of the first edition published in 1990, and the outcome of further examination and research over a period of twenty years. It constitutes a completion of the integral functional system, from a strictly professional application to a broadly popular one. It is a practicable system independently of any tendency or particular school, and it can either fulfill the evolutional demands of contemporary and avant- garde music, or satisfy the need for the divulgation, promotion, and development of classical and popular music. It is an elaboration whose goal is universal contact and the shared advancement of musical culture in humanity’s third millennium.
   The Treatise on the Hexagram proposes a reform of music notation based upon the theory and achievements of the Pentagram notation, of which it represents an evolution, not an ex novo creation. Musicians are not required to begin their studies again from zero; once one has understood the logical formula and unitary rule of the Hexagram system, one has the keystone of the whole notational system.
   The Treatise on the Hexagram also represents the integration and reciprocal complement between Western and Eastern cultures, in harmony with today’s tendencies. In this encounter, the two cultures can find new inspiration and reciprocal stimulation in the search for a common civilization and collective progress.
   The author hopes to elicit from all friends of the international musical community, to whom this treatise is addressed, the critical discussion, practical application, and creative contributions regarding the music notation of the Hexagram system.

Roma, 2012

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