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E. The "Transitional staff" of the Hexagram

Illustration: With the addition of a small oblique line in the upper part of the "Treble clef" or the lower part of the "Bass clef", one represents the "Transitional register clef", which indicates the position of the "Transitional staff", that is to say, one octave above or below the notes of the original staff, as in figures 14 and 15:

Figure 14) "Transitional staff" of the treble register

Figure 15) "Transitional staff" of the bass register

Demonstration: The different sets of six lines, which are both equal and versatile, are applied to the transitional registers between the staves of the treble register system and those of the bass register system.

Conclusion: The concepts are concise, the logic is rationalized; the rules have been unified, the reading of the notes unmodified. With these added staves one has the application of voices to the transitional parts in the notation.

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