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F. The "Inferential staff" of the Hexagram

Illustration: By means of the deductive modality of the principle of equivocality, sets of six horizontal parallel lines continue to unfold from the basis of the "Complete staff", alternating and evolving in such a way as to continuously produce staves of new levels. With a cipher (Arabic numeral) placed above the "Double treble clef" or below the "Double bass clef", one represents the "Inferential register clef", which indicates the position of the "Inferential staff" and its pitch and register, as in figures 16 and 17:

Figure 16) "Inferential staff" of the ultra-high register

Figure 17) "Inferential staff" of the ultra-low register

Demonstration: All the different sets of six lines read like a single uniform set of six lines; a single uniform set of six lines reads like two different sets of three lines — precisely as, on the Pentagram the combination of the three lower lines of the "Treble staff" with the three upper lines of the "Bass staff".

Conclusion: The efficacy of this method is prodigious, the rules are simple, they can be applied however one likes, as long as the rules themselves are respected. The use of variable structures and a fixed form can have an expression that transcends the notation of executable tones and extends into specific categories of the frequency and of the imaginary.

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