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A. The complete and versatile function of the Hexagram notation system, with its unified and simple rules, will lead to new ideal prospects in the application of musical ideography, and this new impulse to musical development will allow musicians to use their abilities to best advantage.

B. The equal but diverse structures and the simple but complete rules of Hexagram notation will improve musical education, particularly that of children. The teaching of Hexagram notation can proceed from the half staff of one octave to the staff of two octaves. Once one understands the one-level staff, one possesses the "keystone" of the entire system. Hexagram notation will also initiate a new stage in the renovation of musical education.

C. Hexagram notation is easy to learn and simple to apply. Both amateurs and professionals in the field of music will therefore be encouraged to study it. Contact between them will become closer and consequently there will be more scope for action amongst the professionals themselves.

D. Widespread use of Hexagram notation will obviously help improve the profession and facilitate the learning of music, while promoting the development of an expanded musical culture in general.

E. Hexagram notation is derived from Pentagram notation, which it comprises and inherits, even while reforming and surpassing it. It can therefore substitute Pentagram notation in every area, renovate the system of score notation, and also provide a new commercial impulse to music publication.

F. The formal and mathematical logic of the Hexagram system, which corresponds to the 2:1 ratio and to the principle of the binary system, entails unification and symmetry, concise and rigorous regularity. The rationality of this system will also allow a compilation that can be inserted into a computer, as well as the use of a small keyboard, or piano, connected to it. The application to the computer can include the notation, playing, composition, study, and teaching of music, as well as score analysis, the compressed reduction of scores, etc. It will also be useful for type composition in the field of musical publishing, where the saving of time will provide great economic advantages.
   The use of Hexagram notation will open up new possibilities for the modernization and more scientific quality of musical technique.

G. The "Inferential staff" of Hexagram notation includes both the spatial-temporal dimension, and that which remains outside of this category. It can be used for both artistic and scientific purposes. In the future, it might even be possible, by means of musical communication, to establish contact with different cultures in space. The "Inferential staff" thus takes on the meaning of both scientific fantasy and practicable imagination.

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